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Corporate Media Oulets Are Whitewashing Domestic Terrorism In Oregon

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We all rely on the media every day to know what’s going on in our world. Many media sources these days have an opinion informing the content they provide, but the majority usually try to avoid outright lying about things. That doesn’t seem to be the case in what’s happening right now in Oregon.

There is an ongoing armed insurrectionist seizure of a federal building happening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge HQ in Oregon. Depending on what news source you rely on for your “facts”, you might be unaware of the reality of the situation.

To bring you up to speed: Dwight Hammond, 73, and Steven Hammond, 46, lit fires in an attempt to protect some of their property from invasive plant species. They ended up burning federal land — twice. Their actions netted them an eventual conviction for arson, which they served time for. After they were released, their sentences from a previous judge were found to be illegal — due to them being too short for the minimum sentencing requirements — and they were sent back to jail for longer sentences. The second conviction is what set off the protests, and caused Cliven Bundy’s idiot militia to take up arms. To be fair, the Hammonds never asked anybody for help, especially not the Bundys.

Here is where this all takes an incredibly weird turn. Many media outlets have been picking up this story, but the major ones are pants-on-fire lying about the event.

Below is an excerpt from the Fox News reporting of the situation. Remember, Fox News’ article published at 12:00 midnight at the earliest:

Some local residents feared the Saturday rally would involve more than speeches, flags and marching. But the only real additions to that list seemed to be songs, flowers and pennies.

As marchers reached the courthouse, they tossed hundreds of pennies at the locked door. Their message: civilians were buying back their government. After the march passed, two girls swooped in to scavenge the pennies.

A few blocks away, Hammond and his wife Susan greeted marchers, who planted flower bouquets in the snow. They sang some songs, Hammond said a few words, and the protesters marched back to their cars.

Dwight Hammond has said he and his son plan to peacefully report to prison Jan. 4 as ordered by the judge.

Source: Fox News

Below are excerpts from Oregon Live. This is the exact story Fox News credited at the bottom of their article for the information in their reporting. Oregon Live’s story was posted with the updates on weapons and threats of violence at 9:15 pm and again at 12:00 am:

In phone interviews from inside the occupied building Saturday night, Ammon Bundy and his brother, Ryan Bundy, said they are not looking to hurt anyone. But they would not rule out violence if police tried to remove them, they said.

“The facility has been the tool to do all the tyranny that has been placed upon the Hammonds,” Ammon Bundy said.

“We’re planning on staying here for years, absolutely,” he added. “This is not a decision we’ve made at the last minute.”

Neither man would say how many people are in the building or whether they are armed. Ryan Bundy said there were no hostages, but the group is demanding that the Hammonds be released and the federal government relinquish control of the Malheur National Forest.

He said many would be willing to fight — and die, if necessary — to defend what they see as constitutionally protected rights for states, counties and individuals to manage local lands.

Source: Oregonlive.com

Here is a video of Oregon Live’s local news coverage – The people walking around in combat gear carrying long rifles seems to be too nuanced for ABC, AP or Fox News to notice.

Many people have been calling out Fox for their total bullsh*t coverage on twitter:

ABC News managed to be even worse, by simply copy-pasting Fox News’ article without doing any actual investigative journalism. ABC’s article posted at 2:48 AM, which absolutely guarantees they had an opportunity to fact check. They also kept credit for Oregon Live in their article.

ABC’s Twitter followers seem to have investigated the story more than ABC did:

The Associated Press failed to deliver as well:

Friends, let’s call this for what it is. These are three major news outlets that operate 24/7 with up-to-date breaking coverage on everything — except this one story. All of the articles were posted at a time equal to or later than the local news which covered the full details — including the part about the guns and threats of violence. All three news sites credited the local news but chose not to report what the local news actually said, even mischaracterizing it from social media. This was not a journalistic mistake. This was corporate media propaganda. I would be any amount of money if a group of armed minority citizens seized a federal building, coverage would be vastly different.

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