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Gay USA, the longest-running LGBT news show in history, offers comprehensive news and analysis by and about the LGBTQ community. The program features lively repartee between hosts Ann Northrop and Andy Humm, as well as interviews with special guests. Our goal each week is to keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest developments in the LGBTQ+ community in the United States and abroad.  With decades of experience in journalism and activism, we work diligently to provide historical context for the stories we cover. We strongly believe in LGBT liberation, but we aim to be fair to those who oppose us. Gay USA works to provide a critical perspective on the groups within our movements working to change things.

Full Episodes

This Week on Gay USA 5/3/2023

"∎ MT judge rejects suit to force legislature to reinstate out trans Rep. Zooey Zephyr. ∎ Disney vs. DeSantis vs. Nikki Haley. ∎ Fightback in Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. ∎ Progress in MN and CO and glimmers of hope in SC and NE. ∎ Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks out teacher union leader Randi Weingarten. ∎ Hawaii Democrat sings praises of prominent Aloha State drag queen. ∎ Uganda’s murderous anti-LGBTQ bill advances overwhelmingly. ∎ Lots of LGBTQ+ angles on the Tony Award nominations."

This Week on Gay USA 4/26/2023

A trans member of the Montana legislature silenced by her Republican colleagues. ∎ Students and drag queens in Florida protest Republican bigotry. ∎ DeSantis’ crusade against Disney draws ridicule from Republicans. ∎ Texas votes to post a conversation starter on adultery in every public school classroom. ∎ US House Republicans pass a national ban on trans girls and women in girls’ and women’s school sports. ∎ Out Don Lemon out at CNN and the anti-LGBTQ Tucker Carlson and his gay senior producer out at Fox. ∎ We remember playwrights Megan Terry and Robert Patrick; NJ gay activist James Credle; trans photographer Loren Cameron; Koko Da Doll, a star of the hit documentary “Kokomo City;” entertainer and Civil Rights leader Harry Belafonte; and cross-dressing performer Dame Edna Everage.

Gay USA 4/21/2023

∎ Ron DeSantis bans abortions after six weeks and vows more revenge on Disney. ∎ Donald Trump, Jr. calls on GOP to stop boycotting Budweiser. ∎ The Republican AG of Missouri unilaterally restricts gender-affirming care. ∎ Progress in Colorado and Washington State. ∎ President Biden picks a gay man and a gay icon to head his arts commission. ∎ A week of losses of important LGBTQ figures. ∎ Crackdown on LGBTQ people and groups intensifies in Uganda. ∎ India’s high court is hearing plea for marriage equality and sounds sympathetic. ∎ Good news from Arkansas. Yes: Arkansas. ∎ Andy reviews SWEENEY TODD, FAT HAM, and SHUCKED.

This Week on Gay USA 4/12/2023

The Biden administration issues its guidance on transgender students in school sports. ∎ Supreme Court lets a 12-year old trans girl in WV play school sports for now. ∎ Judge rejects suit by teacher who wanted religious right to mis-gender trans students. ∎ The judge who banned abortion pills invokes the 19th century Comstock Act. ∎ More anti-LGBTQ legislation in AR, ND, MO, and FL. ∎ Activists in SF and WEHO drag up and fight back. ∎ The LGBTQ lobby group Freedom for All Americans dissolves. ∎ We remember a pioneering Indian chef, trailblazing transgender activists in PA and NY, and a prominent British countertenor. ∎ Uganda’s President set to sign heinous anti-gay bill. ∎ Mo’Nique comes out.

Gay USA 4/5/2023

Big progressive wins in Wisconsin and Chicago. ∎ Biden condemns the current wave of anti-trans youth laws that just keep coming. ∎ Trump judge in TN pauses the state ban on drag performances. ∎ Out judge in TX rules unbans 12 books. ∎ Gov. DeSantis attempt to de-gay Disney thwarted. ∎ Arrests in murders of NY gay bar patrons—and a shocking story about one of the victims. ∎ We mourn a pioneering Cuban American lesbian activist in Philadelphia, a groundbreaking lesbian young adult novelist, a drag legend in SF, and the bisexual man who was a muse for the Beatles. ∎ Homophobic Republican judge in TX rules insurance companies don’t have to cover PrEP.

This Week on Gay USA 3/29/2023

"∎ Friday is the Transgender Day of Visibility, while right-wing media blame the Tennessee shooting on transgenderism. Our guest is Tennessee transgender leader Dr. Marisa Richmond, a distinguished professor of history at Middle Tennessee State University. ∎ Ron DeSantis expands “Don’t Say Gay” to all grades and hires a white supremacist, anti-LGBTQ speechwriter. ∎ Chicago bakery closes after harassment over hosting a drag event. ∎ Right-wing censors ban kids from singing a rainbow song in Wisconsin or seeing a film about a 6-year old Civil Rights pioneer in Florida. ∎ Neo-Nazi leader says protesting drag has been a boon to recruitment. ∎ The oldest working drag queen in America has died at 92 in Portland, OR. ∎ World leaders try to stop Uganda’s extremist anti-homosexuality bill from being signed into law. ∎ “Brokeback Mountain” is headed for the stage. "

Gay USA 3/22/2023

" The torrent of anti-transgender legislation continues in Republican states including IO, AR, WY, TX, FL, and KY. ∎ A NE Democratic legislator is fighting back as are students in IN and country singers in TN. ∎ Trump gaybaits DeSantis. ∎ NY’s AG hosts a Drag Story Hour—protested by a handful and supported by many. ∎ Alphonso David settles his lawsuit against the Human Rights Campaign over his firing. ∎ A US anti-LGBTQ extremist played a gay role in a movie. ∎ US bishops forbid Catholic health services from providing gender-affirming care. ∎ Uganda’s parliament piles on the penalties for homosexuality."

Gay USA 3/15/2023

∎ Ru Paul and other prominent drag queens respond to the assault on their right to perform. President Biden speaks up for them, too. ∎ Ron DeSantis on warpath vs. LGBTQ rights and joined by Texas, Wisconsin, and Arkansas this week. ∎ The anti-LGBTQ Republican Lt. Gov. of Tennessee loves risqué gay male posts on Instagram. ∎ Mike Pence tries to make a homophobic “joke” at big DC dinner. ∎ Michigan is the 22nd state to protect civil rights on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. ∎ Catholic Church in Germany votes to bless gay couples in defiance of the Vatican. ∎ India’s government opposes marriage equality at the Supreme Court. ∎ All the LGBTQ angles on the 95th Academy Awards.

Gay USA 3/8/2023

∎ In a brilliant, inspiring speech in the Arkansas Senate, Democratic Sen. Clarke Tucker tries to use reason to kill a heinous anti-trans bathroom bill. ∎ Florida Republican attack on LGBTQ rights, free speech, reproductive rights, and democracy accelerates. Governor of Tennessee signs bill to criminalize drag performances. ∎ KY GOP moves to curtail gender-affirming health care and ban drag. ∎ LGBTQ activists and allies fight back in Iowa and Oklahoma. ∎ Alaska takes away LGBTQ rights protections. ∎ Michigan’s Democrats advance LGBTQ rights bill. ∎ The deaths of two gay men in NY drugged to death leaving gay bars ruled homicides. ∎ We mourn a longtime LGBTQ and Leather activist in the US, and in New Zealand the first out transgender member of parliament in the world. ∎ Out actor Stephanie Hsu wins at Independent Spirit Awards and is up for an Oscar on Sunday.

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