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Gay USA, the longest-running LGBT news show in history, offers comprehensive news and analysis by and about the LGBTQ community. The program features lively repartee between hosts Ann Northrop and Andy Humm, as well as interviews with special guests. Our goal each week is to keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest developments in the LGBTQ+ community in the United States and abroad.  With decades of experience in journalism and activism, we work diligently to provide historical context for the stories we cover. We strongly believe in LGBT liberation, but we aim to be fair to those who oppose us. Gay USA works to provide a critical perspective on the groups within our movements working to change things.

Full Episodes

Gay USA 3/8/2023

∎ In a brilliant, inspiring speech in the Arkansas Senate, Democratic Sen. Clarke Tucker tries to use reason to kill a heinous anti-trans bathroom bill. ∎ Florida Republican attack on LGBTQ rights, free speech, reproductive rights, and democracy accelerates. Governor of Tennessee signs bill to criminalize drag performances. ∎ KY GOP moves to curtail gender-affirming health care and ban drag. ∎ LGBTQ activists and allies fight back in Iowa and Oklahoma. ∎ Alaska takes away LGBTQ rights protections. ∎ Michigan’s Democrats advance LGBTQ rights bill. ∎ The deaths of two gay men in NY drugged to death leaving gay bars ruled homicides. ∎ We mourn a longtime LGBTQ and Leather activist in the US, and in New Zealand the first out transgender member of parliament in the world. ∎ Out actor Stephanie Hsu wins at Independent Spirit Awards and is up for an Oscar on Sunday.

Gay USA 3/1/23

∎ State legislation vs. LGBTQ rights intensifies in Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, and Nebraska. ∎ Chicago’s lesbian mayor Lightfoot loses bid for re-election. ∎ LGBTQ+ activists & allies defend drag brunches in DC and in WV. ∎ The Club Q mass shooter in Colorado Springs hit with 300 charges. ∎ We mourn the passing of a pioneering Black lesbian activist, a groundbreaking theater director, and a transgender pioneer in Indonesia. ∎ Nasty, drug-resistant stomach bug has broken out among gay and bi men in US and UK.

Gay USA 2/23/2023

∎ CNN’s Don Lemon attacks Nikki Haley who then goes after Ron DeSantis for not being anti-gay enough. ∎ George Santos won’t resign but a veteran out gay US House member is stepping down. ∎ A trans federal inmate gets gender confirmation surgery. ∎ We’ll remember Raquel Welch, writer Donald Spoto, and the biggest “Rocky Horror” fan ever. ∎ Two 15-year olds charged in the murder of a trans teen in the UK. ∎ A gay rights breakthrough in South Korea. ∎ We’ll review “Pictures from Home” starring Nathan Lane.

Gay USA 2/16/2023

∎ The new White House director of communications is an out gay man. ∎ Out Congress Members introduce resolution to expel George Santos from the House. ∎ FL Gov. DeSantis labeled a “groomer” by Trump. ∎ Iowa and SD move anti-LGBTQ bills. Michigan’s legislature advances LGBTQ rights. ∎ A 19-year old gay man gunned down in Brooklyn. ∎ The passings of a leading gay publicist and a lesbian couple in LA who led the fight for women with AIDS.

Gay USA 2/9/2023

∎ Biden urges passage of Equality Act and support for trans youth; Sarah Huckabee Sanders promotes cruelty and bigotry. ∎ Santos’ grotesqueness just gets worse. ∎ Oklahoma LGBTQ activists occupy state capitol. ∎ Out gay ambassador to Hungary is drawing fire. ∎ Anal cancer in HIV+ gay men down but screening urged. ∎ The Grammys make LGBTQ history.

Gay USA 2/1/2023

∎ Utah bans gender-affirming medical care for minors and there are 230 anti-LGBT bills pending nationwide. ∎ Colorado tells baker he can’t refuse to bake a pink and blue cake for a trans customer. ∎ Pioneering gay therapist and activist Dr. Charles Silverstein has died. ∎ Florida teachers threatened with prison if they stock disapproved books. ∎ Ohio investigating a Nazi homeschooling network. ∎ The FDA makes more concessions on who can give blood. ∎ The six-year old twins of gay actor Cheyenne Jackson come out over dinner.

Gay USA 1/25/2023

The latest on George Anthony Devolder Santos aka Kitara Ravache; FL Gov. DeSantis goes from “Don’t Say Gay” to “Don’t Say Black. and The Catholic bishop of Des Moines likes to dress up but is forbidding transgender people to do so. Plus Oscar talk!

Gay USA 1/18/2023

∎ The new Congress is more LGB than ever. ‘ ∎ GOP leaders knew about Santos’ pathological lying before his election. ∎ Mixed verdicts on whether groups claiming to be religious can discriminate vs. LGBTQ people. ∎ The UK government is blocking Scotland’s bill making it easier to change one’s gender. ∎ Breakthroughs for LGBTQ rights in the Netherlands and Poland—all of Europe in fact. ∎ Chris Cooper on his new book, his upcoming TV series, and reviews of new gay films and TV series.

Gay USA 1/13/2023

∎ House Republicans have put their most extreme members in charge. ∎ George Santos takes his seat in Congress and flashes white power sign. ∎ Male conservative leader accused of groping a male aide. ∎ Lesbian-themed play canceled at a Florida high school. ∎ A leading gay activist in Kenya, Edwin Chiloba, 25, found murdered. ∎ What does it mean for Pope Francis to be free of ex-Pope Benedict? ∎ Andy reviews nonbinary Emma Corrin in stage play of Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando.

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