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Gay USA, the longest-running LGBT news show in history, offers comprehensive news and analysis by and about the LGBTQ community. The program features lively repartee between hosts Ann Northrop and Andy Humm, as well as interviews with special guests. Our goal each week is to keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest developments in the LGBTQ+ community in the United States and abroad.  With decades of experience in journalism and activism, we work diligently to provide historical context for the stories we cover. We strongly believe in LGBT liberation, but we aim to be fair to those who oppose us. Gay USA works to provide a critical perspective on the groups within our movements working to change things.

Full Episodes

Gay USA 9/29/2022

∎ The Cuban people legalize same-sex marriage. ∎ Sen. Schumer explains delay on Respect for Marriage Act. ∎ Animated ad counters Republican attacks on families with trans kids. ∎ We remember pioneering lesbian activist Pat Norman of SF. ∎ Catholic bishops in Belgium bless gay partners. ∎ Monkeypox cases plummeting. Keep up the good work. ∎ Elton John’s Farewell Tour plays the White House.

Gay USA 9/22/2022

∎ Senate Democrats renege on promise to bring the Respect for Marriage Act to a floor vote before the midterms. ∎ The US Supreme Court wouldn’t delay a court order for Yeshiva University to recognize its campus LGBTQ group so the school went nuclear. ∎ Biden meets with family of out pro basketball star Brittney Griner. ∎ Ninth Circuit rejects a rightwing challenge to law banning conversion therapy. ∎ More LGBTQ primary results from New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island. ∎ Governors in Texas, Virginia, and Florida stoke violence against transgender people. ∎ Police tried to shut down EuroPride in Belgrade but the march went on.

Gay USA 9/15/2022

∎ MA set to elect nation’s first out lesbian governor. ∎ Schumer promises Senate vote on the Respect for Marriage Act. ∎ Anti-LGBTQ Republicans from TX to Long Island outdoing themselves. ∎ Justice Sotomayor lets Yeshiva U. discriminate against LGBTQ student group. ∎ Provo, Utah activists shield Pride from anti-LGBTQ protesters. ∎ After attack canceled Oslo Pride in June, it went on this week joined by Norway’s Prime Minister. ∎ The LGBTQ angle on the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Gay USA 9/8/2022

∎ The Social Security Administration tells you how more can access same-sex partner survivor benefits. ∎ A pro-LGBTQ Democrat beats Sarah Palin in Alaska. ∎ AZ Republican nominee for Senate opposes same-sex marriage of his benefactor. ∎ Republicans up attacks on LGBTQ inclusion in schools and teachers fight back. ∎ US and state courts letting religious bigots discriminate vs. LGBTQ people. ∎ Iranian LGBT activists sentenced to death. ∎ Big LGBTQ wins at the Creative Emmy Awards.

Gay USA 9/1/2022

∎ Guest is Cory Silverberg, co-author of new sex ed book for teens: “You Know, Sex: Bodies, Gender, Puberty, and Other Things.” ∎ LGBTQ winners and losers in last week’s primari ∎ Court win for gender-affirming care for young people in Arkansas. ∎ In Nebraska, school newspaper shut down for covering LGBTQ issues. ∎ We mourn the deaths of Stonewall-era lesbian activist Susan Silverman and ACT UP stalwart Mel Stevens. ∎ India’s high court says same-sex couples entitled to social benefits, legal protections ∎ Serbia trying to cancel Europride in Belgrade. ∎ Vietnam says LGBTQ people are no longer sick. ∎ Monkeypox cases falling but epidemic far from over.

Gay USA 8/25/2022

∎ Christian nationalism is on the rise. Our guest is journalist Katherine Stewart on how it has escalated and what can be done to counter it. ∎ Legal wins in Florida, Utah, and Michigan. ∎ CA Gov. Newsom nominates first out lesbian to the state’s high court. ∎ CT about to elect first out gay Black statewide official in the US. ∎ Libertarian lesbian author Norah Vincent dies at 53. ∎ In Singapore it’s one step forward and one step blocking further progress. ∎ Evidence that gay and bi men are modifying behavior to stop spread of monkepox.

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