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The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Humanity is at a turning point. This is a critical moment on many important fronts. From economic crises to the future of evolution, from spiritual upheavals to scientific breakthroughs, from the fate of democracy to the survivability of the planet itself … this is The Zero Hour. The Zero Hour is a nationally-syndicated, progressive radio & TV show hosted by Richard 'RJ" Eskow. Sponsored by Social Security Works. Produced by We Act Radio. ZH is available on AppleTV, DirectTV, Dish, Roku and online.  

Full Episodes

Reading Between the Lines at the Times; and Examining Biden's Climate Speech

This week's episode features Boston Globe Climate Reporter Dharna Noor breaking down what we learned from Biden's recent climate speech. Then, journalist and author Matt Taibbi is back to talk about how to read between the lines of the NYTimes and others' coverage of current events.

History as Guide for the Left; and Laying the Groundwork for a Political Upset

This weeks' episode features historian and author Harvey J. Kaye discussing what the Left needs to learn from our American history. Then, WV-based grassroots reformer Selina Vickers joins to reveal the painstaking work behind a small d democratic revitalization in West Virginia.

SCOTUS vs the EPA; and, The Struggle After Roe

This week's episode features WV-based attorney and 2020 Democratic candidate for WV Attorney General, Sam Brown Petsonk, giving a clear-eyed view on what SCOTUS' ruling in WV v EPA really means. Then, attorney and activist Kathryn Kolbert returns to discuss what's next in the fight for reproductive rights after the end of Roe.

Who's Trying to Steamroll Social Security? And, How Workers Can Fight Back

This week's episode features Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, discussing who is trying to destroy Social Security, how they're trying to do it -- and how we can fight back. Then, Professor Richard Wolff is back to discuss how workers can fight back in today's economic conditions.

Ukraine and the Left: An Exchange of Views

This week's episode features Bernie Sanders' Foreign Policy Advisor, Matt Duss, in an exchange of ideas about the Left and Ukraine. Then, rapper and writer Lowkey joins to Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm and Journalist Emails.

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