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  • Sunday

    9:00- 9:30 am

The Aware Show With Lisa Garr

The Aware Show is a solution-oriented program that provides possibilities to move humanity forward. By connecting current events with today's thought leaders, Lisa Garr finds solutions where most only see chaos and challenge. After suffering a traumatic brain injury during a California State Championship Mountain bike race several years ago, Lisa Garr had a near-death experience that transformed her level of consciousness. This transformation inspired Lisa to build her own media platform about awareness. This platform now reaches millions of people per month worldwide. Lisa's goal is to communicate information that inspires positive growth and change so humanity can heal and grow together. The Aware Show works to create communities that allow us to feel a part of a bigger whole, alleviating isolation and loneliness. In a time of unprecedented change, chaos in the news and uncertainty, we need tools, solutions, and coping skills to deal with these changes and constant disruption. Watch The Aware Show every Sunday at 9 am ET on Free Speech TV and anytime on VOD.