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Night School

We hardly notice them each day: The single mother working the graveyard shift at a fast-food joint, a grizzled retiree bagging groceries at the local supermarket, a young busboy collecting half-empty cocktails after close. They are the working poor. And for most of us, they populate our world without much attention or fanfare. There aren’t reality TV shows about them. You won’t see their faces on the newsstand, but they discreetly go about their work with a quiet dignity that keeps America running. We typically observe these folks in passing, never giving much thought about their hopes, dreams, fears, or aspirations. Indianapolis has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country. For adult learners Greg, Melissa, and Shynika, finally earning their high school diplomas could be a life-changing achievement. Emmy award-winning director Andrew Cohn’s absorbing documentary, Night School, observes their individual pursuits, fraught with the challenges of daily life and the broader systemic roadblocks faced by many low-income Americans.  

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