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Generation GRIT

A weekly ½ hour show, Generation GRIT discusses hard-hitting topics from the perspective of today’s youth. A look into the minds of Generation Z is a look into our future. And from what we’ve learned, they’re ready to grow, restore, inspire and transform in order to help build a better world. Join us for Generation GRIT, a new series discussing hard-hitting topics from the firsthand perspective of today’s youth with a panel of topical experts and representatives from Colorado nonprofits.

Full Episodes

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

In a touching episode of Generation: G.R.I.T, host Kerrie Joy and special guests will dive into the topic of mental health and suicide prevention. What can we do as a community to better support the wellbeing of our youth?

Youth Homelessness

The tent communities you see around Colorado are barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to homelessness. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, over 580,000 people are actively experiencing homelessness on any given night. 18% of them are youth. Host Elle Naef chats with youth representatives from The Place to learn more.

Critical Race Theory in Schools

Whether or not critical race theory should be taught in schools has been heavily debated these days. We’ll get the 101 from CRT expert Joshua Trinidad, and the firsthand perspective from youth who have learned CRT themselves, whether it was inside school or otherwise. Hosted by Sedrick Avenue.

Financial Literacy

Host Brenton Weyi is joined by members of Boys Hope Girls Hope to discuss the importance of financial literacy, the impact of social inequity on finance management, and more.

Youth Leadership

Today’s inspired youth are becoming leaders in their own rite and preparing to help others do the same. In this episode of Generation: G.R.I.T, host Rayven Irons chats with members of Boys Hope Girls Hope and an expert from Colorado Youth Congress about the importance of leadership skills.

Youth Activism

Youth activists are working hard to make the changes they’d like to see and help build a better world. Host Kerrie Joy is joined by members of New Era and YAASPA (Young Aspiring Americans for Social and Political Action) to discuss the importance of starting activism early.

Gender Identity

We’ll be exploring the idea of gender. We’ll be digging into questions like: What is gender? How does society affect our view of it, and how can we support youth as they learn more about their own identities? Featuring Host Kerrie Joy, Guest Expert Jax Gonzalez and Panelists from Inside Out Youth Services.

The Healing Power of Music

Music programs provide much more than entertainment. It’s rooted in community and proven to help improve mental health. Host, Elle Naef is joined by representatives from two of Denver’s favorite youth music programs, Girls Rock Denver and Youth on Record, as well as Music Therapist, Amy Sweetin to chat about the healing power of music.

Environmental Inclusion

Nature can foster community, have healing effects on the mind and body. It can even provide new careers and interests. Unfortunately, many have been excluded from these opportunities. On Generation: G.R.I.T we’ll dig into the barriers that have caused this rift and how to repair them. Featuring members of Environmental Learning from Kids, Ean Thomas Tafoya and host Parker McMullen Bushman.

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