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Enemies of Peace: Preventing the Next War in the Middle East

Enemies of Peace is a documentary film that serves as a warning sign of the impending threat of escalating war, specifically in the Middle East. Although the rhetoric about North Korea has dominated media coverage, the danger of war spreading further across the Middle East region is especially imminent considering the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Yemen and the recent power-plays and shifting alliances among Gulf nation leaders. The massive proliferation of arms sales to several Middle Eastern countries by our government over the past several years in addition to the increasing number of U.S. Military bases and direct U.S. military involvement in the region illustrate the deepening involvement of the U.S in a widening conflict zone.

Sadly, our government officials as well as the public are not sufficiently informed in regards to the dynamics of the conflicts in the region. Enemies of Peace points a spotlight on the instigators, aggressors, and funders of these catastrophic wars as well as their motives. Featuring some of the best and most knowledgeable scholars, journalists, and activists on the subject, Enemies of Peace offers insights and solutions not often expressed by the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, the peace movement in our nation has deteriorated in recent years and one of the goals of Enemies of Peace is to help empower activists to bring the principles of peace, justice, cooperation, and diplomacy back into politics, international relations, and the collective consciousness.

It is up to an informed populous to become active citizen journalists and spread awareness of these issues on a grassroots level. With direct action, there is a chance of putting a stop to the wars that our country is presently involved in and those that are being planned by the military-industrial complex and individuals who truly are enemies of peace.

It is time to enter a new era of peace and cooperation across the planet if we as a collective humanity are to survive.

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