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Free Speech TV is proud to welcome back a pillar in factual, hard-hitting, journalism–AL Jazeera English.  Thought-provoking stories and news from all around the world brought to you BY YOU.  Thanks to your generous donations, Al Jazeera English will take us past the typical headlines and talking points and into the depths of topics that are impacting the world.  Tune in Tuesdays at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern when we travel from war-torn conflict regions, to the front line fights for a free press.  We’ll cover topics ranging from cyberbullying in Kenya to commercial interests overloading public space in Toronto.  Challenge the economic, political and environmental narratives of mainstream media and welcome back Al Jazeera English to FSTV.  Tune in Tuesdays at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern

Full Episodes

Yuli: A domestic worker reports on Hong Kong’s historic protests

An Indonesian domestic worker becomes a fearless citizen journalist on the frontlines of Hong Kong’s historic protests.

Land or Death: Colombia’s Indigenous Land Wars

Indigenous single mother Celia Umenza leads her community in a fight for land rights in Colombia’s war-torn Cauca region, while navigating her own battles at home.

My Eternal Art: Living with Stage IV Cancer

An artist facing terminal cancer learns to carve onto her own coffin, hoping to be buried with her art.

India and Pakistan: Forever rivals?

In this UpFront special, two former foreign ministers debate what it will take to fix India-Pakistan relations.

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