2022-10-21 13:31:32

This Week on #JustSolutions :Voting Rights on the Line

The Supreme Court is considering two cases that will have reaching implications for #votingrights. Both involve redistricting and both will have a significant impact on what remains of the #VotingRightsAct. Merrill v.Milligan, out of Alabama centers on accusations of racial gerrymandering by the state in an effort to dilute the Black vote. #gerrymandering is also an issue in the case Moore v. Harper, out of North Carolina. At stake is the so-called “independent state legislature theory.” Plaintiffs in the case say the state of North Carolina has used this theory to dodge a state court ruling that struck down gerrymandered voting maps. Our guest today is Sailor Jones, the Associate Director of #CommonCause in North Carolina, one of the plaintiffs in Moore v. Harper.

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