2021-05-14 13:30:13

The Rick Smith Show 05/14/21

Southern Fried Propaganda | 5-14-21 (1st Hour) Rick has a few words for Georgia Republican Andrew Clyde a day after he called the 1/6 insurrection “a bold-faced lie” and likened it to “a normal tourist visit.” Then Arthur Stamoulis of Citizens Trade Campaign shares a story about what it’s like fighting for workers’ rights south of the border, and Emily Gee of the Center for American Progress joins the show to talk about how employers can help us defeat COVID. Southern Fried Propaganda | 5-14-21 (2nd Hour) Journalist Sarah Burris of RawStory joins us to discuss the new Project Veritas story and the potential criminality linked to it. She also shares stories of her own experience being targeted by PV and its team of pseudo-investigators. Then former GOP Congressman Bob Ney rounds out the show with his usual brand of no-nonsense political analysis and commentary on all things DC.

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