2023-01-13 12:34:35

Season 3 Premiere of #JustSolutions with NEW HOST Gloria Neal

Gloria Neal joins Free Speech TV  as the new host of the FSTV Original #JustSolutions.  Gloria will tackle topics impacting everyone in this multi-racial, working class world.  Activism and analysis will meet culture and humor.  You won’t want to miss it! Tune in on Fridays at 7pm ET on Free Speech TV.

On Tonight's Episode:  

Does the cartoonish debacle you witnessed in congress involving electing a speaker of the house really matter, and how will it show up at your house?

Gloria Neal welcomes renowned election expert and author Amber McRenyolds to the show as they discuss the important role redistricting, voter turnout and social media disinformation play in the framing of our democracy!

Be sure to tune into the stream at 9pm ET/6pm PT on our Youtube Channel, Facebook or anywhere you get FSTV!


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