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Gay USA 1/01/20

We start 2020 with a special GAY USA: a panel of long-term survivors of HIV—activists all and themselves expert in the workings of the virus and how to treat it—with a distinguished medical expert to discuss the state of the pandemic more than 38 years since news of it first broke. What is it like these days to have been living with HIV for decades—or to have seroconverted within the last decade? What are the latest treatments? What promising drugs are on the immediate horizon? What can we ALL do to end the pandemic here, around the country, and throughout the world where 35 million have died of HIV/AIDS complications and 35 million more are living with HIV?

Joining Ann and Andy for this informative and stimulating hour-long discussion are three long-term survivors:

Bill Bahlman, associate producer of GAY USA, is a founding member of the Lavender Hill Mob, an early AIDS activist group, and ACT UP. He is Chair of Mount Sinai Hospital HIV Community Advisory Board (CAB) and an officer on the CAB at NYU/Bellevue’s HIV/AIDS Research Center. Bill recently received a Quarter Century Award for his service at NYU’s CAB. He has been a gay activist since 1971 when he joined the Gay Activists Alliance. He was a member of the Swift & Terrible Retribution Committee of GLAAD when it was founded in 1986. His work as a photographer and videographer appears in the AIDS documentaries “Testing the Limits” and David France’s Oscar-nominated “How to Survive a Plague” in which he also appears as a community reporter and treatment advocate from ACT UP New York.

Ivy Arce has been a member of ACT UP since her diagnosis in 1990. From 1995 to 1999 she was a voting member of the Planning Council to manage the distribution of the Ryan White Title I funds that provide critical services to AIDS / HIV patients. She was a member of the PWA Health Group; Women Treatment Group - a buyers club and an inclusive (women and children) organization that drove the mobilization of patients to advocate for their own health and access clinical trials. She was a member of the grassroots initiative that is now called APICHA (Asian Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV AIDS). She is active with Rise & Resist and the Reclaim Pride Coalition. Her activism in recent years has focused on making PrEP and PEP affordable and accessible to women.

Jason L. Walker is a nationally recognized activist, community organizer, and movement builder working within the intersections of Black and Queer liberation. He is one of the founding members of PrEP4All, a collaboration of young AIDS activists who are dedicated to combating pharmaceutical pricing to ensure low income communities have access to the newest HIV prevention drug. Most recently, Jason has been the HIV/AIDS Campaign Coordinator at VOCAL New York.

and our medical expert:

Dr. Antonio Urbina is Associate Professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine and Medical Director of the Mount Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine’s Chelsea Clinic. From 2003-15 he was the principal investigator of the AIDS Education and Training Center and New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute’s Clinical Education Grants. He has served on the Presidential Advisory Commission on AIDS and Governor Cuomo’s Task Force to End the AIDS Epidemic in New York State. He advocates for viral load testing at clinics and has studied the link between HIV and meth use.


For more information on HIV/AIDS, go to AIDSinfo here

For a list of resources on HIV/AIDS from the National Coalition for LGBT Health, click here

NEXT WEEK: Ann and Andy will bring you the latest LGBTQ+ and AIDS news and Andy's London theatre reviews.

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