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FSTV's 2021 Year in Review


FSTV Videos from January

How and Why a Violent Mob Attacked the Capitol Building

White Supremacy in Action: Police Stand Down as Trump Mob Storms Capitol to Disrupt Election Vote

Trump Could Face Criminal Charges for GA Phone Call

“The Hill We Climb”: Watch Breathtaking Poem by Amanda Gorman, Youngest Inaugural Poet in US History

Gamestop Short Squeeze Explained

FSTV Videos from February

 Trump Banned:Can Social Media Be Trusted to Police Hate and Violence?

Impeachment Shows How Trump Laid Groundwork for Violence

Texans Tell Ted Cruz to Stay in Mexico

FSTV Videos from March

Parents and Children BURN MASKS at Deranged "Protest"

The Murder of George Floyd: Officer Derek Chauvin Trial Set to Begin as New Charges Considered

Trump Says He "Came Up With" Vaccine in Painful Interview

FSTV Videos from April

Guilty on All Charges: The Path to Justice After Chauvin Verdict

Trump Suggests Boycotting Baseball After MLB Moves All-Star Game

The Family of FedEx Mass Shooter Warned Police About Him. How Did He Still Manage to Buy His Guns?

FSTV Videos from May

Watch Rep. Rashida Tlaib Blast U.S. Aid for Israel & Attack on Gaza in Dramatic House Floor Speech

Officials: White Supremacists Are Greatest Domestic Terror Threat

Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Wearing Masks to Holocaust

FSTV Videos from June

Afghan President Ghani Visits White House as His Government Nears Collapse

“Julian Is Suffering”: Family of WikiLeaks Founder Assange in U.S. to Demand His Release from Prison

Trump Announces Return to Presidency in Deranged Video


FSTV Videos from July

The Assassination Of Haiti's President

“We Can’t Trust the Unvaccinated”: Dr. Leana Wen on Vaccine Mandates & How to Stop the Delta Variant

“COVID Games” Begin in a Fearful Japan as Olympic Committee Prioritizes “Profits Over All Else”

FSTV Videos from August

Weeks After U.S. Withdrawal, Afghanistan Falls to Taliban

Breaking Down the "Code Red" IPCC Climate Change Report w/ Michael Mann

FSTV Videos from September

Fox News Has STRICTER Vaccine Policy Than Biden's Proposal

Missing White Woman Syndrome: Media Obsess Over Some Cases as Black, Brown, Indigenous Women Ignored 

FSTV Videos from October

Pandora Papers Reveal Shocking Extent of Wealth Hoarding

“Worked to Death”: IATSE Film Crew on “Rust” Walked Off Set to Protest Conditions Before Shooting

FSTV Videos from November

The System is Broken: Jacob Blake’s Dad & Uncle on Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal for Vigilante Killings

Election DISASTER for Democrats in 2021 Races, Panic Rising

Nikole Hannah-Jones on “The 1619 Project,” Teaching Critical Race Theory & White Supremacy on Trial

FSTV Videos from December

Environmental Justice in Coal Country

Could the Bernie Sander's Strategy for Manchin Work?

 Trump Riot Texts from Fox News Hosts Exposed


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The David Pakman Show

Mike Pence Challenges Trump for Most Absurd Interview

Mike Pence Challenges Trump for Most Absurd Interview

Trump Completely Loses It AGAIN in Middle of Night

Trump Completely Loses It AGAIN in Middle of Night

The David Pakman Show

Mike Pence Challenges Trump for Most Absurd Interview

Mike Pence Challenges Trump for Most Absurd Interview

The Stephanie Miller Show

The Hits Keep Coming For Trump

The Hits Keep Coming For Trump

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