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This Week In White Supremacy- Presented by 1HoodMedia

This Week In White Supremacy discusses the cultural effects and injustices surrounding white supremacy; through intelligent, insightful commentary and often comedic conversations. TWIWS is geared toward adults who want to digest the latest news and events with humor and Hip-Hop. This Week In White Supremacy is brought to you by the 1HOOD Media Network in partnership with Free Speech TV.    

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Built Different

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD continues the Trump jail watch and takes a look at Elon Musk, anti semitism, and the decline of the X social platform.

22 Savages

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD questions the fairness of legal prosecution in America against the backdrop of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrior’s 22 year sentencing, Trump’s latest legal setbacks, and the recent indictments of five officers in the Tyre Nichols case.


This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD reacts to a MAGA Rap by Trump Latinos dismissing Trump’s MAGA Rap sheet of felony charges, including bonus commentary about the abolitionist, Cop City protestors catching a MAGA Rap of politically oppressive indictments in the RICO law capital of America: Atlanta, Georgia.

N*ggas For Trump

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD reacts to Ron DeSantis being blamed for the racially motivated Dollar General store shooting in Jacksonville, Florida while unravelling the taboo topic of why some black and brown people pick sides with white supremacist agendas that are ultimately formed against them and all people of color everywhere.

Riggerous Indictments

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD dissects the rigamarole surrounding Trump’s new indictments by Fani Willis in Atlanta Georgia, along with the conspiracies and colorism infecting Hollywood, politics, and education.

Ron Idoko: Doctor of Racism

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD sits down with Dr. Ron Idoko, who believes he has the SCBT vaccine to eliminate the pandemic of mind altering systemic racism in America first and around the world. Dr. Ron Idoko is the Associate Director of the Center on Race and Social Problems and the Associate Director of Honors Education and Social Innovation at the University of Pittsburgh.

Montgomery Brawl

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD talks about the Montgomery Brawl that went viral as a black navy of citizens knuckled up to defend a security guard from a group of white assailants who attacked him because their drunken white privilege

Sacred Cows

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD is back with more comedic news and commentary about Trump’s cry baby name calling, Tim Scott as potential president, and Ron DeSantis’ right wing conservatives defending their ideological sacred cows about slavery somehow being beneficial to black people.

Small Town Slavery

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD talks about trying it in a small town in the aftermath of the Jason Aldean music video controversy against the backdrop of the Florida anti-black education bills and the history of small town slavery.

Colored People Problems

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOODs opinions about why the boomerang effect of UPS and SAG strikes may hit black people harder than others leads into a heated debate about the political correctness of three words: People of Color

Blurred Lines

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD reacts to the blurred lines between “e-racing” black and white history in America and steep political imposturing around topics like white nationalism, critical race theory, and the Tulsa Race Massacre.

White Fragility

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD is unraveling the complexities of privilege and paving the way for meaningful change by bringing you two special interviews in back to back fashion from the 2023 White Privilege Conference in Mesa, Arizona featuring Robin Diangelo and Johnathan Metzel.

Organized Crime

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD sinks into the Oceangate Submarine implosion saga about how white billionaires can get away with ignoring regulations on the real and the political high seas.

Liberation Latte

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD keeps it light with political banter covering Barack Obama's revisionist history, Hunter Biden and Trump investigation comparisons, and Candace Owen's inappropriate Juneteenth cultural appropriations.

Indictment Day: Part Deux

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD headlines Donald J. Trump as the only former President indicted for the second time in history of the United States.

American Duplicity

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD deep dives into political punditry as more 2024 Presidential Candidates come out of the wood work including Cornell Wests’ third party bid for the Oval Office amidst the chaos happening among the Democrat and Republican Parties.


This Week In White Supremacy is officially 1HOOD’s Blackest Episode Ever! Elite Level Blackademics are on full display in this 2023 White Privilege Conference special interview as Dante King elaborates upon the historic roots and the legal origins of the white supremacy system that is racism written in his new book “The 400-Year Holocaust: White America's Legal, Psychopathic, and Sociopathic Black Genocide and the Revolt Against Critical Race Theory.

Czar Santis

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD examines the communist like governance of Ron Desantis who has elicited the NAACP to issue a travel advisory for people of color to avoid Florida at all cost which leads to a discourse of why white supremacy is historically sold as love through violence.

Many Men

This Week In White Supremacy many men are in the hot seat as 1HOOD dissects the news around Joe Biden and Ron Desantis pandering HBCU’s, Daniel Penny’s manslaughter charges, Trump and Giuliani’s sexual assault allegations, George "the Scam God" Santos, and that gun slinging wanksta known as Ja Morrant.

Architectural Racism

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD circles back to some news that hasn’t been mentioned on the podcast and the need for racist rehab to be applied to the structures built through architectural racism.

Color Commentary

This Week In White Supremacy Carolyn Bryant Donham’s death leads 1HOOD to cross examine the historical divides color lines have caused over time against the current effects white supremacist racism presently has on everyday people, the U.S. educational systems, and those seeking power in politics.

Black Monday

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD offers curious critique about mainstream media and presidential politics beginning with the Black Monday firings of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon of CNN including an early analysis of both red and blue 2024 Presidential Candidates and a heartfelt tribute to Harry Belafonte whose legendary presence will be sorely missed.

White Privilege Conference

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD is LIVE from The 2023 White Privilege Conference (WPC) in Mesa, Arizona. After a brief recap of recent incidents surrounding the Tennessee GOP expulsion and the Trump Indictment, Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., founder of the WPC, highlights the importance of black history, black excellence, and the impact of tackling white supremacy in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

40 Below Racism

This Week In White Supremacy racism couldn’t get any colder as 1HOOD unpacks the legal ramifications and optics surrounding the Tennessee GOP expulsion of two Black lawmakers, the antics of Texas Governor Abbott after the Daniel Perry verdict, and how white supremacist billionaire Harlan Crow can manipulate U.S. Supreme Court to protect existing white power players and institutions.

Digital Discrimination

This Week In White Supremacy the conversation is deep and the fan mail is real as 1HOOD discusses how the rising use of A.I., digital blackface, and capitalism perpetuate the modernized theft and suppression of black culture.

Prison President

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD is on “Trump Watch” as much of the discussion revolves around if he will be indicted, arrested and made to take that perp walk in New York City.


This Week In White Supremacy 1Hood wonders if Trump can be permanently silenced by potentially being federally indicted in New York over hush money, and if this signals the end of MAGA, Fox News, and the republican party.

Reverend Yearwood- Hip Hop Caucus

Rev. Lenox Yearwood of the Hip-Hop Caucus discusses the state of East Palestine, OH and the challenging political obstacle thee catastrophe exposed.

Any Given Sunday

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD opens the new year 2023 discussing how Buffalo Bills Safety Demar Hamlin’s tragic collapse has refueled speculation about the NFL’s treatment of black athletes and their player healthcare policies, and why Skip Bayless is the new Mr. Irrelevant.

Caucassic Park

This Week In White Supremacy 1HOOD questions why Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, is rabidly against true black history being taught in schools and if Atlanta will become America’s first cop city.

Mysonne The General

This Week In White Supremacy Mysonne The General reveals the real truth about burning his Nike collection in support of Kyrie Irving, his roots from rap to activism, boycotting black murder, and the effects that branding, business, and leadership have upon Black Hip-Hop Culture.

Uju Anya vs.The World

This Week In White Supremacy Dr. Uju Anya speaks out because the death of the Queen has split the world in two.

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