October 28, 2019

FSTV Is Proud To Partner With Mother Jones For Two Important Social Justice Events.

FSTV Is Proud To Partner With Mother Jones For Two Important Social Justice Events.

The mission of Free Speech TV is to advance progressive social change and justice. It is a mission we share with Mother Jones and we are thrilled to announce this content partnership.

Join FSTV & Mother Jones for TWO inspiring and important events.

Protecting Our Vote: A Conversation with Eric Holder and Ari Berman

The right to vote is under attack. From states passing new voter suppression laws to gerrymandering efforts that manipulate district lines, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for voters to exercise our democratic rights. As we near an election year that will shape voting maps for the next decade, join former US Attorney General Eric Holder in conversation with Mother Jones senior reporter Ari Berman as they discuss the current state of voting rights in America.

Oct 29, 2019 19:00:00
Oct 30, 2019 04:00:00
Nov 03, 2019 11:00:00
Nov 03, 2019 20:00:00
Nov 12, 2019 19:00:00

Fighting For Justice

After years of oppression and stagnation, unprecedented progress is being made in America in the fight to fix the broken criminal justice system. Still, progress has been slow and the work is far from done. Join Co-founder of #cut50 and Founding CEO of the REFORM Alliance Van Jones and other special guests for a night of conversation about the evolution of criminal justice in America from some of the nation’s most passionate leaders, public officials, activists, and people who were formerly incarcerated who have fought for justice and won.

Nov 05, 2019 19:00:00
Nov 07, 2019 03:30:00
Nov 10, 2019 11:00:00
Nov 10, 2019 17:00:00
Nov 14, 2019 03:00:00
Nov 14, 2019 19:00:00

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