Gay USA 9/1/2022

∎ Guest is Cory Silverberg, co-author of new sex ed book for teens: “You Know, Sex: Bodies, Gender, Puberty, and Other Things.” ∎ LGBTQ winners and losers in last week’s primari ∎ Court win for gender-affirming care for young people in Arkansas. ∎ In Nebraska, school newspaper shut down for covering LGBTQ issues. ∎ We mourn the deaths of Stonewall-era lesbian activist Susan Silverman and ACT UP stalwart Mel Stevens. ∎ India’s high court says same-sex couples entitled to social benefits, legal protections ∎ Serbia trying to cancel Europride in Belgrade. ∎ Vietnam says LGBTQ people are no longer sick. ∎ Monkeypox cases falling but epidemic far from over.


Gay USA 10/06/2022


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