2012-10-10 19:30:57

Young Pakistani advocate for girls’ rights shot by Taliban

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Being engaged as a young woman is something that should be encouraged, but in some places it’s still dangerous and could cost you your life. Tragedy, heroism and inspiration come together with this story of a 14-year old woman gunned down by members of the Taliban in Pakistan for advocating for young women’s rights. Her gripe? It’s not right that women can’t go to school under Taliban rule.

It gets worse. via the NYTimes,

Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, commonly known as the Pakistani Taliban, told my colleague Declan Walsh in a telephone interview that Malala “has become a symbol of Western culture in the area” and had expressed admiration for President Obama. Speaking to Reuters, the militant acknowledged that the victim was young but insisted the attack was justified because “she was promoting Western culture in Pashtun areas,” referring to the ethnic group in northwest Pakistan and eastern Afghanistanwhose conservative values the Taliban claims to defend.

Here’s an amazing video of her from last year:

There are no words.


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