2013-05-29 13:15:17

Young mamas push back against the Candie’s Foundation teen pregnancy ads

Picture of Carly Rae Jepsen w caption: "You're supposed to be changing the world...not changing diapers."

Remember these awful ads from the Candies Foundation? Well young mamas are pushing back, and are demanding that Candie’s stop shaming young parents:

When the Candie’s Foundation launched a teen pregnancy prevention campaign with the tagline, “You’re supposed to be changing the world… not diapers,” I was outraged by their attempts to shame young parents, people like me. Although I was changing diapers at age 17, I am changing the world — and so are Lisette, Consuela, Jasmin, Gloria, Marylouise, Christina, and so many other young parents like us across the country. We’re working to make our communities better, and we’re not doing this work in spite of being young parents. Our activism has been shaped by our experiences as young moms; we are working to change the world because we are young parents.

A coalition of reproductive justice organizations, working alongside some fierce young mamas like petition-writer Natasha, are coordinating a campaign to get the Candie’s Foundation to drop their tired messages and demanding a meeting with its founder Neil Cole. Support young mamas by signing the petition, spreading the word, and joining in on the conversation using #NoTeenShame on twitter.

Fuck yeah teen moms! Get it!

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