2012-09-04 14:33:00

Women’s Organization Petitions DNC To Stop Discrimination Against Moms

A California branch of the National Organization for Women has started a petition on Change.org to call for an end to the DNC’s discrimination against women who have young children. In their letter, the women address Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, to demand that mothers who are elected delegates be allowed to bring their young children onto the Convention floor. The group stated that by not allowing children into the Convention, their caregivers, who are mostly women, cannot participate by default, which privileges people who have a spouse or the money to pay for a childcare. They also are demanding the Convention provide on-site childcare.

In their letter, the organization stated:

The current practice discriminates against women who are mothers by making them choose between their children and their political obligations. It also discourages women from running for delegate positions, at a time when women are largely underrepresented in all levels of government.

They continued, stating that the DNC should practice an inclusivity that allows a diversity of female voices to be heard:

Women are already under severe attack by the GOP, and women's votes are essential to victory in November. The Democratic Party must take this opportunity NOW to demonstrate its commitment to ALL women by acknowledging all roles women hold in their families and accommodate their needs at the Convention.

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