2013-07-08 13:00:48

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signs the latest restrictive abortion bill

On Friday, while most of us were probably still trying to recuperate from our 4th of July food comas, Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, was busy restricting abortion access for women of Wisconsin. Walker signed a bill forcing women to undergo ultrasounds before receiving abortions, because we all know how medically necessary it is to remind people seeking abortions that they’re pregnant before they decide to end a pregnancy. Supporters of the bill are not shy about their intentions:

“…ultrasounds will help the woman bond with the fetus and convince her to save it.”

This logic imposes the narrative that people seeking abortions are not aware of the comprehensive nature of their circumstance, revealing that we still don’t trust them with their own bodies.

The bill also requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. In doing so, Wisconsin has joined the ranks of states like Virginia, North Dakota, Arkansas, and Alabama, to name a few of the places where local governments are actively working to stop people from exercising their Constitutional right to abortion. Wisconsin’s bill is part of a nationwide GOP push to” dramatically curtail abortions.”

Well, to Scott Walker and the rest of the GOP, fuck you!

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