2013-09-19 17:00:25

Win: Indiana Attorney General backtracks on mandatory drug testing of pregnant folks

Remember last week when Indiana’s Attorney General was suggesting that drug-testing pregnant folks in Indiana was a great idea? Well it seems someone in the Indiana AG’s office has come to their senses, because yesterday his office emailed MoveOn and RH Reality Check to let them know that they are not supporting mandatory drug-testing:

Please allow us to set the record straight. As co-chair of the state’s Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force, Attorney General Greg Zoeller spoke on Sept. 9 to the Indiana Commission on Mental Health and Addiction about Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).

The attorney general’s comments should not be interpreted to imply that he supports mandatory opioid testing of any kind for pregnant women – he does not.

Though the AG’s office also claims that the media has inaccurately portrayed this story, his statements last week were pretty clear. I think maybe someone just had to remind him that his lovely little idea was just a wee bit unconstitutional. Woops!

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