2013-04-14 16:15:54

Weekly Feminist Reader


The late Audrie Potts

Three teens have been arrested for raping Audrie Potts, who killed herself in September. Check back in for more on Potts tomorrow from Maya.

Janet Mock is the Racialicious Crush of the Week!

Girls — and later women — decide not to run for office because they don’t want to be unlikeable, not because they are lacking leadership qualities.

Swiss bank punks men on “Equal Pay Day.”

Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous on “accidental” racism.

The Canadian police have reopened Rehtaeh Parsons’ rape case in the wake of her suicide. And Parsons’ dad demands change in a heartbreaking essay.

India’s anti-rape movement: redefining solidarity outside the colonial frame.

Despite protests of his “violently misogynistic lyrics,” Tyga will perform at Harvard.

What’s the only thing worse than government-owned prisons? Privatized prisons.

Feministing alum Miriam Pérez writes about the doula movement’s goals.

“See, ladies? We need to be married so that men won’t go raping and pillaging.” Jessica argues that marriage is a con.

A quasi-defense of “Thatcher the woman.” But Russell Brand (of all people) recognizes that Thatcher was “an icon of individualism, not of feminism.”

Deborah Copaken Kogan on her “so called ‘post-feminist life‘ in arts and letters.”

Do all-boys schools teach violence?

On Shulamith Firestone and backlash.

“Raceless” names and employment at Flyover Feminism.

Randall Jenson’s memories of violence.

Uruguay legalized same-sex marriage.

Who worked for Dr. Gosnell?

GOP campaign bumper sticker: “If Babies Had Guns, They Wouldn’t Be Aborted.

Memo to anonymous Humber college guy: Non-consensual sex isn’t a “hook-up fail“–it’s rape.

On the power of calling rape, harassment, and victim-blaming by name.

Don’t miss Jamia Wilson’s powerful “Black Girl Lessons” at Rookie.

Hate speech, often defended on campuses in the name of academic freedom, doesn’t broaden students’ horizons.

NY Mag tries to make “washed up” 21-year-olds at Yale a thing, but a senior Eli isn’t having it.

Awful People on OkCupid, Part 374: Things People Tell Asian Women.

Inequality in the pursuit of feminism.

Raffi (yes, that Raffi, of children’s singing fame) speaks out against rape culture.

What is “Islamic feminism,” and where is it going next?

Mayor Bloomberg isn’t the only one shaming young parents.

An illustrated guide to taxes in the U.S.

I can’t help but think about how great the metaphor of a trans woman destroying a mirror and coming out the other side to self-acceptance despite her ‘flaws’ is.

Voting for the Gloria Awards closes today.

Patriarchy is bad for men, too.

A gender-neutral pronoun, “hen,” has been added to the Swedish National Encyclopedia.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/learning this week?

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