2013-06-09 17:32:43

Weekly Feminist Reader

Women and unions at the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act.

Silence is a woman.

The Lambda Literary Award winners have been announced.

A high school valedictorian called out her school on its discrimination against Native Americans.

A lot of people wrote a lot of things about the FLOTUS heckler conflict.

Sontag is reborn!

Queers should care about sex offenders.

Protesters across the country demand accessible emergency contraceptives.

SiriusXM dropped an anti-trans radio show.

Bitch is pro-”Frances Ha.”

It turns out it actually isn’t legal in Texas to shoot an escort who refuses sex.

The correct response to Michael Douglas’s throat cancer is not, in fact, “lololololol cunnilingus lololololol.”

Why is the conversation about rape jokes a white conversation?

Has American progressed?

North Carolina doesn’t want to let racial justice get in the way of it killing people.

Any burning questions about Prancercise?

“I never wanted to be a “strong Black woman.’”

Do babies matter to academic careers? The answer will surprise you exactly not at all.

Of scalps and savages.

Feminist photographer Abigail Heyman died in May. Explore the New York Timesslideshow of some of her finest work.

Five ways congress is trying to combat military sexual trauma.

The Salvation Army believes same-sex parents should be killed.

Shakesville on PRISM.

How to not die.

The whole having it all debate is even more exhausted than you’d thought.

Support Poland’s only feminist magazine.

Why has the Argentinian same-sex marriage movement been so much more radical than our country’s?

It’s not just old men! Millenial women can make you gag, too.

Jessica writes about GOP magical thinking at The Nation.

The winter/patriarchy is coming–and it destroys kingdoms.

Gloria Steinem and Katie Holmes hung out this week. Ok.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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