2013-10-13 16:20:47

Weekly Feminist Reader


Disney undermines a heroine in 4 steps.

Edie Windsor, patron saint of modern love.

“By August, all they could talk about was Tinder.”

Malala wants to be Prime Minister.

Ohio’s new abortion restrictions cross the line of legality.

The hidden war against gay teens.

The government shutdown will hurt survivors of domestic violence.

And The Feminist Hulk shares some thoughts about the shutdown, too.

Twitter, get your shit together.

The ACLU is investigating roving border patrols.

Janet Yellen’s steep path to the Fed.

“Ze”: The CW’s new show will center around a trans* character.

The she-covery that wasn’t.

The law that’s creating cultural change in California.

Just to say the words Black Girls is revolutionary.”

Open letter to the “Pocahotties,” annotated.

There’s a new mayor in town, and she’s a BAMF.

Ada Lovelace is a women-in-STEM hero.

Support the LGBTQ movement in Palestine.

“We seem to have a Wonder Woman paralysis.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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