2013-11-10 17:37:52

Weekly Feminist Reader

bell hooks and Melissa Harris Perry sat down for a chit chat and it was amazing.

Hollywood’s use of LGBT characters to make a point.

Living up to a code of masculinity in the NFL.

On behalf of women whose thighs touch.

Fuck yeah tomboy flower girls: no tights, no dresses, no ruffles.

Most of the sellers on Etsy are women and many make less than $100 a year.

“Motherhood cannot be peeled away.”

What is feminist porn?

You should know these 15 women who are changing television.

Why the abortion pill didn’t change everything.

“Am I Ugly?”: the internet can be depressing.

The dangers of over-sharing are nothing compared to the dangers of silence.”

How black girls die in America.

One million students are homeless.

Why no one is born gay (or straight).

There’s a rampant criminalization of black and brown youth in L.A.

“Why I was never a Riot Grrrl.”

When straight white men stand up for LGBT rights.

Why the international expansion of The Human Rights Campaign is problematic.

What happens to immigrant youth who are left alone in the U.S.

The time to pass [ENDA] has come.”

The art of loving (and hating) blackness.

Racial and sexual politics of peace.

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