2014-02-23 17:36:33

Weekly Feminist Reader

Afghan Cycles- the first women to ride bikes in the country.

Chronicling what it’s like to be hungry in America.

Who is Black? What is Blackness?

What works for (non-rich, non-white) women at work.

On Hillary’s future: “women’s worth has never been assessed based on easily calculable, publicly available statistics, like innings pitched or bills passed.”

A small victory for native women: updates on the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.

A tale of two Ellens [Page and Degeneres].

Engaging conversations around race in communities of faith.

We’re all hiding something.

The grim realities of walking for water in Ethiopia.

Stop and Frisk and Darrin Manning: “With young Black and brown males as law enforcement’s Public Enemy No. 1, we should think about what sex, reproduction, and power look like for Black male adolescents.”

Women’s Media Center 2014 report on the status of women in the media.

Barbie: a safe way for girls to explore dangerously adult concepts like sexuality.

On American Apparel and ageism.

Our own Katherine Cross on how lack of funding affects trans and intersex community organizing.

Team Canada, the Olympics, and blackface in 2014.

Nina Totenberg, the only woman in the newsroom.

Men aren’t used to the prospect of being objectified.”

Working single mothers are disproportionately likely to be poor.

Gay marriage can’t lose.

I will work harder“: on white trans men and Audre Lorde.

Openly gay Houston Mayor, Annise Parker, on family, adoption in Texas, and civic leadership.

Where motherhood and academia meet.


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