2016-08-08 15:51:32

WATCH: Joy Reid CRUSHES Trump Supporter For Saying She’s Not On America’s Side

Picking a fight with Joy Reid on live television is not smart, so of course a Trump surrogate did exactly that and got his ass handed to him.


During her show on Saturday morning, Trump supporter Carl Paladino actually claimed that the Republican nominee knows how to handle Russia and Vladamir Putin better than our military, State Department, and intelligence agencies. He also attacked Reid directly, calling her a politically correct progressive who is not on America’s side.


Reid began by playing footage of former CIA Director Michael Hayden slamming Trump’s “erratic” behavior and suggesting that Trump could very well be a “unwitting agent” for Putin. Furthermore, Trump is unpredictable and dangerous, especially since he would have control of America’s nuclear arsenal as president.

Indeed, Trump has various business connections with Russian oligarchs who are aligned with the Russian president, who has directed Russian state media to support Trump’s campaign. Trump also softened the GOP platform stance against Russia. Trump’s ties with Russia are especially concerning to intelligence agents, who are worried about briefing Trump because whatever he is told could end up being passed along to Putin.

“You are pretty much fighting an armada of intelligence experts,” Reid told Paladino.

“In your mind,” Paladino told Reid. “No, not in my mind,” Reid replied. “Actually in my ears because we’re listening to them speak.”

Then Paladino proceeded to embarrass himself by going on a rant about Reid.

“I think what’s happened to you is that you’ve been in a conditioned box, for a long time, of political correctness. Political correctness and a certain way of doing things. And when a guy comes on the scene who shows real leadership qualities, who can talk to the America people, and they can find faith in him and confidence in him that he’s gonna do the right thing — when that man comes on the scene, you guys just don’t know what to do.”

Clearly, Paladino must have missed a poll that shows 70 percent of Americans have a negative view of Trump, with 56 percent feeling this way strongly.

That’s probably what Reid was thinking about when she smiled as Paladino ranted.

“The progressives are gonna lose their influence and their power and their control of the American people’s minds, and you’re in a panic state right now,” he continued before Reid chimed in with sarcasm.

“Oh yeah, were panicking,” she said.

After accusing Reid of “making crazy accusations,” Reid fired back with facts.

“I think if you look at the polling, most of the public is standing by the generals and intelligence professionals, at least as we stand now,” Reid said.

Trump is currently being trounced by Hillary Clinton in the polls. Clinton is leading by 15 points nationwide in one poll.

Paladino then implied that Reid is not on America’s side. “I know which side you’re on, mam,” he said.

But Reid clobbered Paladino and Trump with a sharp retort. “Not on Vladimir Putin’s side, and I like that stance.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

As usual, Trump’s people ignored the facts and stuck with personal attacks and they got burned.

This post originally appeared on AddictingInfo.org. 

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