2012-11-21 18:30:16

WATCH: Bic is helping women be better writers and better women

As a writer, I’m graciously humbled that Bic finally decided to make a pen for my needs. My diary is never going to be the same. Not only are they made for women in sleekness and style, but they named it Cristal! She’s going to be my new BFF, I just know it!

Check out this great video from Eudora Peterson that shows how awesome (and meaningful to women’s lives) this pen really is!

“It’s half breast pump. You know you can write with your own breast milk”

And look! They got even got Ellen Degeneres to do a commercial for them!

Seriously, Maura Judkins makes a great point this WashingtonPost piece about the line:

Bic’s real mistake wasn’t making pink and other pastel pens, it was explicitly labeling them “for women.” There are plenty of products that don’t raise anyone’s hackles because we’ve grown accustomed to the gendered colors, for better or for worse, since birth.”

And she would be correct. I’ve bought more than my fair share of pink stuff–because it was pink–but this was overkill. Gags.

 Does anyone have time to write up a transcript in the comments?

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