2014-03-28 20:18:02

Video: This is what “pro-life” terrorism looks like

Democracy Now! has a terrible but important story about a how an abortion provider who survived legal challenges and firebombings is finally shutting down her clinic because of vandalism.

This is how a “pro-life” activist expressed his respect for the sanctity of life: On March 4th Zachary Klundt, the son of a former board member of the anti-choice group Hope Pregnancy Ministries, broke into the All Families Healthcare offices, destroyed its plumbing and heating systems,  pulled plants up by their roots, and stabbed holes through faces in family photographs.

Democracy Now! has an interview with Susan Cahill, All Families Healthcare owner and physician’s assistant.

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A Montana medical office that provided abortions, among other services, has been forced to close after a vandal systematically broke or slashed practically every object and surface inside. All Families Healthcare saw the destruction of its plumbing and heating systems, plants pulled up by their roots, and holes stabbed through faces in family photographs. The accused vandal, Zachary Klundt, is the son of a former board member of the anti-choice group Hope Pregnancy Ministries. Twyla Klundt resigned after her son’s arrest. We are joined by All Families Healthcare owner Susan Cahill, who is facing the latest threat to her work following decades of providing abortion as part of family healthcare. Another clinic where she worked was firebombed in 1994. The following year, the Montana state Legislature passed a measure known as the Susan Cahill Law to ban physician assistants from providing abortions. Cahill was the only physician assistant providing abortions in the state. The Montana Supreme Court later upheld her right to do so.

Find the whole transcript here.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.13.50 PM  Katie Halper is pro-choice and way more pro-life than people who commit this kind of vandalism. 

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