2012-09-20 08:27:00

TX Republican Lynches Empty Chair, with American Flag -- The Obama Symbolism Is Clear

Cliint Eastwood's empty-chair interview during the Republican National Convention spawned plenty of hilarious spoofs, among them pictures of people "Eastwooding" -- talking to an empty chair -- and the #InvisibleObama hashtag. But this take on the empty-chair speech is not hilarious. It is, in fact, really disgusting, and possibly something the FBI might want to get on top of:


That image comes to us via the blog Burnt Orange Report, which originally reported on the chair, in an Austin front yard, last night. Since then, the "lynched" chair has gotten some adornment in the form of an American flag. As BOR's Katherine Haenschen writes:

If anyone wasn't clear before that he meant the President, hopefully this decorative addition will make it clear: the homeowner is suggesting that Barack Obama be lynched.

This image should curdle the blood of all patriotic Americans regardless of partisan leanings. Our flag is a symbol of our great country, and the ideals of diversity and opportunity that make us a beacon of hope and democracy around the world. Generations of service members have fought and died to protect what that flag represents.

Yet because one sad, old racist can't handle the fact that the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, is African-American, he ties that same flag to a public display calling for that President's violent, racially charged death.

According to the blog Blue Virginia, a Virginia man had the same idea last week.

As a native Texan, I sympathize with Haenschen on this point:

Meanwhile, this story is garnering national attention across the blogosphere, and will unfortunately only confirm the worst stereotypes of Texans as intolerant racists. We're not all crazy bigots, and that's why we've got to push back strongly against displays of racism both overt and subtle. Texans, do you really want this kind of imagery to represent our great state? We're the home of LBJ, signer of the Civil Rights Act, and we have a proud history of African-American and Hispanic civil rights efforts.

Indeed, this isn't a story about how Texans are racist. It's a story about how some AMERICANS are racist, and they're hearing those Republican party dog whistles loud and clear.

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