2013-10-08 18:38:11

Today in History Quiz

SWFeature_WomenLegislatorsI’d like to do a nerdy thing today and offer a little history trivia. Thanks for indulging me. So… no cheating!

Question: Why, on October 8, 1991, did seven congresswomen — Barbara Boxer (Calif.),Pat Schroeder (Colo.), Barbara Kennelly (Conn.), Louise Slaughter (N.Y.), Jolene Unsoeld (Wash.), Patsy Mink (Haw.) and Nita Lowey (N.Y.), as well as Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) — march from the House to the Senate in protest?

[Answer after the jump]

The 7 women house members were protesting against the fact that an all-male Senate Judiciary Committee planned to vote on the nomination of Clarance Thomas to the Supreme Court without hearing Anita Hill’s claims of sexual harassment. The march was a partial victory and the senate agreed the vote. Sadly, just seven days later, the Senate confirmed Thomas in a close vote of 52-48.


I personally remember watching the hearing confirmations with my parents, who were furious that he got confirmed. I was 10. Good times.

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