2013-05-22 16:55:13

The three companies ignoring the #FBrape campaign

fb-fail-thumbs-down2As was noted in yesterday’s Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet, Women, Action, and the Media (WAM!) launched a great social media initiative on Tuesday, taking on gender-based hate on Facebook. Specifically, WAM and other great organizations are “calling on Facebook users to contact advertisers whose ads on Facebook appear next to content that targets women for violence, to ask these companies to withdraw from advertising on Facebook until you take the above actions to ban gender-based hate speech on your site.”  Several companies have responded to the#FBrape campaign and are considering pulling their ads. Make sure you check them out, tweet your support and urge them to do the right thing here.  Unfortunately, three key companies have chosen not to respond or have responded inadequately to the campaign.

  • Dove has not responded at all.

  • Vistaprint has said they won’t take action won’t take action.

  • Audible has not responded, but is deleting all comments about the campaign off their Facebook page.

Make sure you contact these three companies and tell them what you think. It’s easy. Just go here.

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