2014-03-26 15:35:30

The most pointlessly gendered products

mansize kleenex

Because Real Men’s tears are too big and strong for regular tissues.

Sociological Images has pulled together a collection of the most pointlessly gendered products their readers have come across recently.

Of course, most gendered advertising, especially when geared towards kids, is not just pointless but harmful — reinforcing gender stereotypes and limiting imaginations. But when it comes to products like “mansize” Kleenex, it’s really getting absurd. This is the kind of lazy advertising that would earn Don Draper’s withering scorn.

Check out more images — from ”men’s bread” to pet shampoo “for him” and “for her” – after the jump. The eggs are my favorite. 

gendered pet shampoo

Because how embarrassed would poor little Rover be if you got him that girlie stuff?

men's bread

Hey, I like pumpkin seeds too…

gendered eggs

I’m assuming the actual eggs are traditional egg-colored on the inside, but, honestly, who knows.

gendered wrist support

And here I thought the wrist was possibly the most androgynous body part.

Maya DusenberyYou seriously couldn’t pay Maya enough to try those sausages.

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