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The David Pakman Show 7/17/2012

On the Show:

–Bay Buchanan, conservative political strategist and former Treasurer of the United States, joins us to discuss the 2012 election, Mitt Romney, and more.

–Mitt Romney defends not releasing his own tax returns by saying that when John Kerry ran for President, his WIFE didn’t release tax returns.

–A Washington DC police officer threatens Michelle Obama, and we look at the followup.

–A family member of George Zimmerman’s says that he molested her for more than a decade.

–Bottled water, long-lens cameras, and Che Guevara t-shirts, among many other items, are banned from the 2012 Olympic facilities.

–US Olympic uniforms being made in China is causing a significant stir, and we also find out that the Salt Lake City Olympics, under Mitt Romney’s management, had uniforms produced in Burma.

–Needles found in four sandwiches on four Delta Airlines flights.

–Cross-bearing teen arrives in Washington DC after spending a month carrying a huge cross from Fort Worth, Texas.

–Attorney Lawrence McCreery has been found guilty of licking a client’s ear.

–Man saves drowning family in China, but they left him to drown in return, and he died.

–Email on girl punished with shock collar, 3-year-old shoots his father dead, Romney “retroactively retired,” more.

–On the Bonus Show: Value of e-waste, rich fleeing France, upcoming vacation.

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