2012-08-28 17:00:30

The Crisis Project: birth control kills the baby?

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Via TheCrisisProject.org

The Crisis Project is a new movement started by young people to investigate the fraud behind Crisis Pregnancy Centers, or as I like to call them Crisis Propaganda Centers.  We’ve written a lot about CPCs on this site, so most of you already know that they are in some cases tax payer funded right wing anti-choice disasters.

Many women walk into a CPC unaware that they are being given advice from people who are not required to be medical personnel and that have an anti-choice agenda when dispensing “advice” on their reproductive health and family planning options.

The Crisis Project went into CPCs undercover with cameras to film some of the interactions and what they found is disturbing.  In the encounter below the undercover young college aged woman enters the CPC asking for a pregnancy test and when the test comes back negative, she inquires about starting on the birth control pill.

Via The Crisis Project:

The counselor responds, “we don’t sell baby-killing things.” The Birthright counselor later refers to birth control as “death and destruction drugs.” While advising our investigator against seeking out birth control, the Birthright counselor explicitly says that birth control “kills a baby.” The Birthright counselor continues to tell our investigator that some doctors will “probably laugh at [her]” if she were to ask them about the risks associated with hormonal contraceptives.

(Note: Video has subtitles.)

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