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The Best of 2013: The Feministing crew’s favorites (Part 1)

2013As part of our 2013 recap, we’ve already highlighted the top ten most-read posts on Feministing. But some of our favorite posts of the year aren’t the most highly trafficked ones. Often the most powerful or inspiring or thought-provoking pieces of writing are those that strike a very personal nerve. So we asked the entire Feministing crew to highlight their greatest hits of the year–both posts by their fellow Feministing writers and from elsewhere on the internet. Here are some of their faves. (Check back tomorrow and the next day for Part 2 and 3–there’s so much wonderful feminist content to revisit from this year!) 


Post that simmers with the most righteous anger

“We have a long way to go for transgender liberation” by Jos

“Spending too much time focused on hatred can be debilitating. But it’s also important. It’s important to remember why I have this ball of hurt and anger and rage in my gut. Why stepping out of the house is always an act of overcoming fear. Why I’m always watching myself around cisgender people, and around most trans men too, because I’m afraid I’m going to explode with frustration that they’re not doing enough, not getting it. There’s an epidemic of violence. There’s an epidemic of hate. There’s an epidemic of not fucking letting us be part of humanity.” Jos Truitt, everybody. – Chloe

Wendy Davis and other pro-choice Texas legislatorsThe post that made me cry feminist tears of joy

“12 images that will make you wish you’d been protesting at the Texas filibuster last night” by Maya

I think that Wendy Davis’ stand was a pretty momentous step for reproductive justice in 2013. In this post, Maya captures the most important moments of the night, reminding those of us who couldn’t be there just what solidarity in real life can look like. – Juliana

Best post about Miley’s VMA performance that addressed broader cultural issues instead of just slut shaming her

“A not-so-tiny criticism of Miley’s huge cultural appropriation problem” by Syreeta

Syreeta’s post took the mess that was Miley and Robin Thicke’s VMA performance and showed us it wasn’t some “isolated incident.” She talked about having her own bodily autonomy violated by a white woman on the dance floor, and that Miley smacking a Black dancer’s ass was about the bigger issue of treating Black women as sexual objects. – Jos

Best takedown of rape culture

“Steubenville teens are found guilty but rape culture remains alive and well” by Maya

I hate that this post is necessary, but if there’s anyone I want writing it, that’s Maya. This is one of the most thorough and bold pieces I read all year. – Mychal

Hillary Clinton noddingPost that made me most grateful that GIFs exist

“How to deal with a mansplainer starring Hillary Clinton in gifs” by Zerlina

In an age of GIF-overuse, Zerlina’s giftastic exploration of Hillary Clinton’s schooling of male Republicans is like a refreshing, cool, carbonated drink [insert your beverage of choice]. Zerlina kills it. Kinda like Hillary did. – Katie

Best reminder to always reach for more

“Acceptance is not the goal” by Alexandra

In response to a new Gallup poll showing that Americans are becoming more likely to view things like same-sex marriage and teen sex as “morally acceptable,” Alexandra called for us to set our sights a little higher than mere acceptability: “Let’s aim instead for celebration.” The difference is not just one of semantics. As Alexandra explains, “Tolerance doesn’t disrupt the foundations of an unjust society” and true liberation, for so many of us, will come not from keeping out of each others’ business, but proactively building a different world. – Maya

still from science rap videoBest science history rap battle

“Video: 7th graders rap about Rosalind Franklin, win everything” by Jos

You can’t miss this amazing rap battle that Jos put us onto, which tells us all about the huge accomplishments of Rosalind Franklin (and the shameless thievery of Watson & Crick!). – Vero


Best post that beautifully expressed something I’ve been ranting about for years

“No More ‘Allies”” by Mia McKenzie

“Ally” has been turned into an identity, something people wrap themselves in to say, “Look, see, I’m good! You can’t criticize me cause I’m helping.” That’s not how it works. Mia McKenzie does a great job of breaking down the way people use “ally” to absolve themselves of responsibility for their fuck ups. I also prefer talking about working “in solidarity” and have been using that phrase for a while to describe actual actions. – Jos

The post that reminded me of the power of writing

“I Choose to be Fat” by Laura Bogart

In this raw and personal piece published in Salon, the amazing and poetic writer Laura Bogart opens up about her experience of fat-shaming. Her story is honest without being romanticizing and empowering without being self-helpy. – Katie

Best post taking down the policing of poor folks’ purchasing decisions

“Why do poor people “waste” money on luxury goods?” by Tressie McMillan Cottom

This post does a really incredible job of explaining what seems to elude so many: that the decisions of poor folks are almost always about survival, including purchasing decisions. This is for sure required reading! – Vero

 Smartest coverage of sports, sexual violence, race, and gender

“The Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Case: No End Here” by Jessica Luther

Luther has been doing amazing work this year covering the intersection of sports and politics of all kinds, and I was really glad to see her writing about the Winston case – and the media coverage of it. Keep your eye on her: hers is some of the smartest and most feminist sports writing around. – Chloe

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