2013-04-03 13:15:43

Quick Hit(s): Women in Business

On the heels of some good gender byline news, The New York Times Dealbook ran a special section on women in business that had a nearly 50-50 split on bylines. Even better news: For the most part, the stories move beyond the rehashed lean-in-have-it-all conversation that has dominated the news cycle regarding working women.

Instead, “Women in a Man’s World” details challenges and opportunities for women in banking, private equity, law, technology, and corporate governance.

In one striking story that profiles several high-profile women on Wall Street, Irene Dorner, chief executive of HSBC USA, blames herself and her female peers for the absence of senior women in finance.

“The women at the top of organizations that I know will tell you that we think that we’ve made it because we were born the way we are and can play by these rules without feeling damaged by them. Or, we’ve learned how to play by these rules and use them to our own advantage.

I suspect that we were simply not very good role models. And there aren’t enough of us to be visible so that people can work out how to do what we did.”

Dorner, however, also advocates for structural change in the workplace. And with a common-sense argument. “I think that you are insane commercially if you run any corporation and you turn down the opportunity for different views, innovation and a different way of thinking,” she says.

See the full package of stories here.

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