2013-07-10 14:17:30

Quick hit: Janet Mock on the issues facing the black trans* community

janet_mock_101612-thumb-640xauto-6978Over at The Root, Janet Mock,  a well-known trans* activist, has an interview up where she discusses a number of issues facing black trans* people:

How can a trans woman of color get a job if it is not safe for her to step outside her home — if she’s blessed enough to have a home? If she can’t change her gender markers on her ID because she doesn’t have access to funds that would allow her to file that paperwork, or her state doesn’t allow her to change her documents? If she doesn’t have access to affordable health care that would allow her a safe, monitored transition? If she’s stopped, questioned and frisked because she’s profiled as a sex worker?

There are systemic oppressions that our sisters, brothers and siblings are faced with that broad coalitions fighting for racial, gender, social and economic justice must begin banning together to address from an intersectional lens that truly looks beyond laws and begins addressing the lived experiences of those most marginalized.

You can read the whole thing here, and think more about inclusivity, specifically with regards to the trans* community (and those of color), so often left out of the discourse of social justice.

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