2013-08-13 20:30:32

Quick Hit: Congratulations North Carolina you have worst voter suppression bill in America

Yesterday, the Governor of North Carolina Pat McCroy, finally signed the nation’s worst voter suppression law.  North Carolina which has been in the news lately for negative things like, #motocyclevagina bills, which included abortion restrictions in a bill about motorcycles.  Now they are on record, as the state with the worst voter suppression.

Via Think Progress:

Among other things, the bill includes a strict voter ID law, which will reduce turnout among minority, low-income and student voters. It will cut a full week of early voting, which is likely to depress turnout among low-income and African American voters. And it will prohibit certain kinds of voter registration drives, which tend to register low-income and minority voters.

In other words, this bill is a hot mess of discrimination and without key provisions of the Voting Rights Act in place, prepare for North Carolina to be the first in a line of “red” states that want to disenfranchise the emerging majority of black and brown vote.

With Moral Monday and activism sweeping the state to counteract this conservative push back to the Jim Crow era, keep an eye out on the “battleground” state that seems to always be on the verge of progress, only to revert back to the old South.

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