2012-10-04 19:33:11

Politics Aside, There’s No Debating the Scary Facts of Romney’s Tax Policy

 In his debate with President Obama last night, Mitt Romney took another step in a process begun with his 47 percent comment: a reevaluation of whether he knows the U.S. well enough to serve as its president.

Throughout the exchange with Obama, Romney’s comments begged the question of whether he understands fundamental economic truths, as well as the national programs that provide the vast majority of Americans with a shot at climbing the economic ladder. These economic opportunity and social safety net programs, especially in the areas of health and education, are vital to people of color. Romney would be ultimately responsible for them as the nation’s chief executive.

Much of the post-debate commentary has applauded Romney’s performance, citing his ability to have an in-depth exchange with Obama without making the sorts of gaffes that have plagued his campaign. But for the the young, the elderly, and the historically marginalized, Mitt Romney’s shaky grasp of the details on display in Denver should be downright disconcerting. Read more here.

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