2013-12-17 16:00:09

“Photoshop: For that poreless android look you’ll never achieve in real life.”

Mock ad for all-in-one beauty from Photoshop

For her final project in an advanced digital photography class at East Carolina University, student Anna Hill decided to highlight the ridiculousness of beauty ads by creating these mock ads for Photoshop itself. As she explains to HuffPo, ads for beauty products “really are altered so much, they may as well be advertising Photoshop rather than the products they actually sell.” 

Posting the images on Reddit, Hill noted,

One thing I noticed when I was doing these that when I suddenly went back to the unedited layer, it looked so wrong and kinda gross. It made me extra aware of how skewed my perception was after looking at the edited ones for a while.

Unfortunately, we’re all consuming these edited images pretty much constantly, so it’s nearly impossible to avoid the insidious effect that has on our perception. But a good before-and-after GIF is useful for at least giving yourself a reality check every now and then.

Mock ad for Photoshop

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