2014-05-27 18:30:18

Photo of the Day: Brown grads protest campus violence

IX grad hats

I’m all about Brown University feminists these days. Last week we gave a Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah to campus mag Bluestockings for their awesome anti-violence — and now you have to see photos from Brown graduation this past weekend. Students used what looks like red tape to mark IX on their graduation caps as a reminder of the promise of Title IX: education unhindered by violence or harassment. This image was taken by Lydia Y.

The protest follows a similar action earlier this month at Columbia, where students wore single rows of red tape, referring to the campus anti-violence group No Red Tape. An email from organizers read:

By placing a piece of red tape on your cap (ideally parallel to the right side), you will demonstrate and signal to the University that you do not accept your degree lightly, that you understand the culture that they have been complicit in perpetuating, and that you will not stand for it, and that you demand justice and support for all survivors, even as a graduate of this institution.

You can find more pictures at #imaginerape0. Keep an eye out for photos of faculty members demonstrating their support — a disappointingly rare sight on campuses. And if you’re taking action at your graduation, tweet pictures to me at @azbrodsky!


Alexandra Brodsky is a Feministing editor, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX.

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