2014-09-18 18:43:04

Peace Day Global Broadcast


Peace Day TV was Founded in 2009 by the Light of Life Society for the purpose of providing broadcasting for peace-building organizations, inter-faith projects and educational charities.  In 2011 Peace Day TV became recognized as a special project of the Culture of Peace Initiative, a UN-designated "Peace Messenger Initiative" with participants in all the world's regions. Our common goal is to unite the strengths of organizations and individuals who are working to make peace a practical reality.

The annual highlight event co-produced by Peace Day TV in conjunction with multiple broadcasting partners is the September 21st Peace Day Global Broadcast in celebration of the International Day of Peace.  Peace Day TV began broadcasting Peace Day activities in 2009.

Peace Day TV also provides free broadcasting year round of educational events for non-profits, inter-faith organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

For more information visit PeaceDay.tv

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