2012-06-02 22:35:00

Obama's Name to Appear on AZ Ballot After All

PHOENIX--President Barack Obama's name will appear on Arizona's ballot in November, despite efforts by some Republican leaders in the state to remove his name from the ballot, reports Prensa Hispana. Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett announced last week that Hawaii officials have verified that Obama's birth certificate is valid. Bennett had previously indicated that if Obama's birth certificate was not found to be accurate and valid, his name would not appear as a presidential candidate on Arizona ballots in the November general elections.

Republican Party Spokesman Matthew Roberts said what was requested was not a new birth certificate, but that the certificate was accurate and true. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who helped launch the investigation into verifying Obama’s birth certificate, said the information given to Bennett’s office does not suffice. Arpaio said he is determined to continue with the investigation until Hawaii officials provide microfilm of the original birth certificate or the original document itself.

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