2013-09-27 20:00:38

New Favorite Tumblr: Ordering 300 Sandwiches

In case our Weekly Feminist GIF wasn’t enough to satisfy your craving for updates on sandwichgate — one New York woman’s recently published attempt to put a ring on it by making 300 sandwiches for her asshole boyfriend — check out our new favorite Tumblr. Ordering 300 Sandwiches is just like the original 300 Sandwiches, except each meal featured on the former is made with approximately no thought and energy as humanly possible and is, you know, a joke.

The blogger explains the project as her “attempt to win a man’s heart, while expending as little effort as possible,” and in the process of skewering the original project actually presents a far more heartening portrait of intimacy.

One entry:

Sandwich TumblrToday I ordered J a scrambled egg and cheese with bacon on a roll from the local deli. The sandwich was delivered two hours late, and without the promised bacon. Upon this discovery, I looked at J and said, “You better get used to disappointment. You’re 299 sandwiches away from a lifetime’s worth.”

Check out more shitty sandwiches here.

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