2013-05-21 13:15:14

New Favorite Tumblr: Flip The News

Check out Flip The News, a tumblr that flips the gender or race of the subjects in news articles. The site explains, “The point here is to shine some light on the way news organizations write about people and strive for more balanced, respectful narratives.” In one of the first posts, the author gender-flips this Atlantic article on childless women who search for surrogate children to mother. As you might imagine, it’s pretty impossible to imagine the gender-fliped one actually running.

Alan, 46, of New York City found an outlet for his unconscious desire to nurture closer to home. Like many men his age, he had a moment when he realized that kids were absent from his otherwise full life.

“I never made having kids a priority,” he says, reminiscing on past relationships and would-be fathers to a child that never was. “At 39 I thought—maybe I should have kids. I thought about having them with a gay friend, or adopting or using an egg donor, but I wasn’t seriously considering it. I wished a relationship had happened that would have made it possible. If I had met the gal I’m with now 10 years ago we would have had kids,” he says.

Instead, Alan has had a strong, lifelong relationship with his nephews—now ages 22 and 25. “I saw my nephews through all their milestones.” When Alan’s nephews both chose to attend his alma mater, he was very gratified. “It was like the way a kid might follow in their parents’ footsteps—but they wanted to follow my path,” he says. “They are like surrogate children to me.”

Check out the rest of the site, which currently includes a profile of Marisa Mayer’s widower and an obit of an Italian female prime minster. (Via Jezebel)

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