2012-11-05 17:41:25

Musical Parody: “(Mitt’s got a) Fast Car”

This is a music video parody I made of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” It’s sung from the perspective of Seamus, the Romney dog who was strapped to the top of the car. It’s meant to be funny but actually speaks to the insensitivity of Mitt Romney. It’s the same insensitivity that caused him to state that he doesn’t really care about 47% of the country. It’s the same insensitivity that allowed him to continue endorsing Richard Mourdock, even after he said that that a pregnancy resulting from rape is “something God intended.”  It’s the same insensitivity that made him say “I didn’t know you [LGBT people] had families.” It’s the same insensitivity we saw when he endorsed “self deportation” for immigrants. And, most importantly, it’s the same insensitivity that we would see in his policies and Supreme Court appointments that would help the most well-off and hurt the most vulnerable, that would turn back the clock on LGBT rights, women’s rights, immigrants’ rights, and countless social and economic advances.

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