2012-02-24 15:30:50

Maryland becomes 8th state to pass marriage equality

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Gay marriage is coming to Maryland! Last night, the legislature passed the bill and Gov. O’Malley has promised to sign it into law. Maryland is the eighth state to approve gay marriage–and the fourth state one to do so in the last year.

Unfortunately, the law will probably be put to a referendum on the November ballot. (Because here in America, we occasionally like to put our basic civil liberties up for a popular vote–that is, when the government isn’t unilaterally trampling all over them.)

Nevertheless, between this victory and Washington’s new marriage equality law–and despite that one recent setback since New Jersey’s Governor happens to be a raging bigot–there definitely seems to be some serious homomentum these days.

As one of the bill’s opponents admitted, “Am I on the wrong side of history? As a historian, there is no doubt about it.” You said it, buddy.

Click here to check out this interactive map from USA Today.

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