2012-07-24 20:00:24

MA House candidate could be first openly gay Republican in Congress

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Via My Fox Boston

If he’s victorious this November, Richard Tisei would become the first openly gay Republican in the House of Representatives.

A candidate for Congress in Massachusetts, Tisei supports marriage equality and choice and is expected to be a tough challenger for Democratic Congressman John Tierney who is currently embroiled in personal legal troubles related to his wife and brother in law being involved in a illegal gambling operation.

Tisei doesn’t want his identity to define his candidacy and describes himself as a “live and let live Republican,” who believes “the government should get out of your bedroom, off your back and out of your wallet.”  Tisei’s libertarian platform should play well in south Boston and given the incumbents personal controversies, Tisei has a good shot.

It should be said that Republicans who identify with groups that are often targeted by their party for unfair treatment, scapegoating, and attacks should not get off any easier when it comes to scrutiny.  Yes, it’s a positive development that Republicans could now also have openly gay congressman in their party, but just because you identify with a particular group doesn’t mean you will support policies that benefit the marginalized.  Need I remind you of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s stances on women’s rights.




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