2012-11-09 00:43:54

La Opinión: Obama Owes Latinos a Debt

Editors of La Opinión argue that Obama should push for immigration reform because he owes his victory to Latino voters, and the GOP should support it to recover the ground they lost.

In case there was any doubt about the impact of the Latino vote, let's just look at the details of President Obama's victory. Without the backing of this electorate, the president would not have been re-elected. As simple as that.

The question now is whether the GOP understands that it should adapt its message to recover the ground lost among Hispanics. Passing comprehensive immigration reform in Congress could be a good step in that direction.

Obama owes Latinos a debt. We hope that the White House proposes an immigration bill and that GOP lawmakers take the opportunity to earn brownie points with the Latino community with a reasonable, positive law.

The result of this election can be read in many ways. One of them is that the Latino vote can't be ignored if you want to reach the White House.

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